How to Get Money Coins in Turbolab Pursuit iPhone

In turbolab pursuit game, you must try completing every mission that will earn you some coins so that you can then some upgrades early on the first run to make this easy.

Turbolab Pursuit

You can grab coin magnets from the store for having those coins fast.
Note that not to splash cash on these early on and wait until you have got good at the game and have some decent upgrades.

Try to pick wisely either a coin magnet or a weapons upgrade as you have to spend some of your coins so you have got a few in the bank before choosing one of these.

To apply one of the upgrades to your vehicle, head to the lab and hit the vehicle icon.
Afterward see the impact of each one by tapping on it, then viewing the car stats at the top of the screen.

Do an upgrade your weapons by going to the weapons section of the store and invest your coins in your personal favorites.

To flip up into the sky you have to tap the jump button when passing through spinning white symbols in the sky.

Always take the opportunity to jump up on top of buildings and grab a nice speed boost from grinding off the architecture when landing smoothly.

Every little bit of speed helps, so maximize every opportunity to get a boost.
If you see a cluster of wheels on the ground, try and drive through them to take another burst of speed

Remember not to stay on the ground when being chased down and wait for the enemy to fire a weapon at you then leap into the air.
Do that as you crest a hill and to pick up a roaring speed boost when you land.

When enemies chase you from the rear your weapons will automatically aim towards the nearest opponent, whether they are in front of you or behind.
Afterward you have to concentrate on firing when they are in range.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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