Money Coins Cheats Virtual Families 2 Our Dream House iPhone

In virtual families 2 our dream house game, you must try to get money for free by working at their careers.
Here, you must gain each trophy for completing a tutorial task, or with e-mail as a random event so that you will get money as your reward.

virtual family 2 tips

Afterward you can use the coins to buy food for your family and do some upgrades needed to make the house more habitable or their jobs easier.
You can do upgrades that help advance your characters careers or re-train them in an entirely different field.

Here, you will play as a single person and a place to live then get working, marry, encourage a few children to spring along, and help take care of the wreck of a place which one that has to be fixed.
You can adopt a little person and start a family and make babies then pass the house on to the kids
When running a family you will have to cure illnesses and help nurture to guide generations of your family.

You can also train your little people to behave as you wish by praising and scolding them so that they will send you messages, thanking, pleading, and praising you for caring for them.
They will keep continuing to live, eat, grow, and work even the app is switched off.

In order to get healthy for your house you will have to fix up the places with only four usable rooms, everywhere else such as a toxic wasteland, a critter cavern, or just a burned-out wreck that needs time and money. You can also renovate rooms until your little folks are living in their dream house.

You can affect your little folks habits and their environments in a variety of ways from conditioning them to perform certain tasks to buying them upgrades for their workspaces or leisure.

Try to do various upgrades to affect each family member behavior and living conditions as long as the next generation shows up your family can keep going in an endless cycle of birth, life, and death, providing countless hours of entertainment.

You can also set up Kids’ rooms that is repurposed once they grow up and move out and decorate movable furniture and room renovations as well.
Items can be moved from the decorate cells to the house or vice versa for easy movement and storage to place.
When placing items in the house for the first time they will have little arrows that allow for rotation to orient each item as you want.

Always pay attention in new collectibles appearing in the yard as there will be new trophies to earn so that you will have a chance of getting coins
They will also offer new jobs for your little folks and a ton of furnishings and accessories that can be purchased in the store, which has gone from a single screen place that sold groceries, medicines, and the occasional other item to a multi-screen bonanza that covers furnishings, appliances, food, medicine, behaviors, decorations, renovations, and much more items.

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