Money Crowns Cheats Partia iPhone

In partia game, crown as the main currency of this game that you can get by completing mission of each stage
In related to this crown, it is based on your performance in the previous stage, calculated from how many enemy units you slay minus your own personal losses that is encouraging players to track down every last enemy soldier before taking out the leader.

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Once getting this money, you can upgrade and replace the gear like weapons and armor wear out over time
Meanwhile you can hire traveling mercenaries that you happen across, and collect items such as health potions and keys that will be needed to force open doors on the battle map and open treasure chests as well.

In addition you can try to get bonus Crowns if you post regular updates about your progress through the young prince’s adventure to their Facebook page.

In this game you will take control of a young prince in his quest to resolve a personal tragedy and reunite a continent in conflict.
For such reason, you will tap units to pull up menus of actions while getting every object of each map is to maneuver units to get the victory.

In the combat session, you will have the chance to move all of the units in your forces and you can undo a move if your change your mind
Moreover, you can use items that may be in your men’s inventory, as well as target any opposition that ends up in your range.

After all of your own units have taken their respective turns it will better to keep some of your men in place for strategic reasons
It is caused by the enemy will do the same for all of their units, after which lather-rinse-repeat.
So use your strategy when heading to combat zone

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