Money Cup Cheats in Haunted Hollow iPhone

In haunted hollow game, you will control of every creature in the mysterious mansion
Here, you must build and rule a mysterious mansion which spawns freaky monsters, including Vampires, Zombies, Mummies, Witches and Reapers that will do your bidding.

haunted hollow

So play this game by selecting from varying Haunted House architecture styles including the ‘Lost Temple’ and ‘Mad Scientist’ as your mansion
Join competition with rivals to scare townspeople, battle enemies, avoid angry mobs and seize control of the town

You can play single-player or multi-player by challenging friends whether in the Game Center or with Pass and Play feature with the goal to scare townspeople, defeat enemies, destroy angry villagers and seize towns outright.

Now just try to control over vampires, zombies, mummies, witches and reapers to scare the townsfolk in a town, battle enemies and aim to seize overall control from them.

Try to have power up with each monster’s own menacing powers and additional enhancements
Note that each one of your monsters will have their own unique power-up abilities with some additional enhancements to increase their effectiveness and there appears to be different haunted homes, such as the Lost Temple and Mad Scientist.

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