Money Diamonds Cheats Dream Cruise HD iPhone

In dream cruise hd game, you will be assigned to get money cash or gems that you can do by completing the main objectives that is to build ship then give some service for passengers coming from all over the world

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Furthermore by serving those passengers with what they need, you can complete missions to make more profits from them

Therefore you can grow your cruise company from a clumsy barge to a snow white ocean liner loaded with celebrity passengers who will have a good time to spend money in duty free shops on board.

In addition the more people come to your ship the more money you will get to grow your business of making any ships for traveling around the globe

One thing that the passengers will get comfortable is a service
For such reasons you have to build various shops like Cinema, Clothing Store, Concert Stage, ATM and many more to serve people and eventually make money from them.

You will simply fulfill their needs and achieve a shopping fever with triple profit while visiting the best resort on the world

Try to build your cruise ship with over 60 shop types then combine those types wisely for extra revenues profits through the management of shops

By doing so you can attract more visitors to spend money on board while traveling around the world and discover unknown mystery.

Once getting your ship upgraded with multiple items, you can travel routes to discover and explore the most beautiful harbors in the world while building your naval empire and solve the mystery of the missing cruise ship.

Try building up an agreeable environment for your passengers so that they can feel comfortable while enjoying their leisure time on board

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