Money Cheats in Ride Em Rigby Regular Show iPhone

In ride em rigby game, all you will do is to jump, duck and collect power-ups to keep your ride going as Muscle Man blasts his way through refrigerators, oil drums and trash cans so that you can bounce Rigby off his back over these obstacles by tapping the screen.

Ride Em Rigby Regular Show

You have to pass through the level and clear every obstacle as cleanly as possible in order to complete a challenge successfully.

Some controls that you have to master in playing this game
A single press sends him over small jumps, while double-taps propel him even higher.
A tap on the left-hand side of the screen sends him leaning over the side of Muscle Man, so that he can survive runs through narrow pipes.
When making an extra big jump in early jump try to resist the urge to double-tap rapidly, and instead ride out the first jump, then give it a boost with another tap.
Try to avoid pipes by holding down any part of the left-hand side of the screen
Tap on the right-hand side of the screen to make him jump off Muscle Man’s back
A double-tap will make rigby jump even higher.
Holding down the left-hand side of the screen will cause Rigby to lean over towards Muscle Man’s side.

Challenge mode consists of twenty different stages levels of increasing difficulty and to get 3 stars on every stage
Endless mode will be relied upon how long rigby can hang on for having a high score

Those power-ups will make Rigby automatically bounce his way to great heights through the level while ignoring every obstacle in his way.
Always be aware of a synthesizer appearing and blasting away debris with laser-fire, or baby birds will carry the raccoon hero over the landscape while the energy currency automatically flows towards him.

Activate the Baby Ducks power-up to take your eye off the action.
As with the Power Bounce, the energy cans will flow towards you automatically.
The Power Bounce upgrade will give you bouncing over obstacles without having to do any of the hard work

You have to grab a glowing soda cans spreading around each level.
When grabbing a special kind of energy you can activate the over-the-top power-ups.
Collect a glowing soda cans as you can to increase values of points, with the value getting reset if the player hits an obstacle.

Collect also power ups to clear obstacles that manifest in some one-shot characters clearing the way, like a giant space baby, and a drag racer full of unicorns.

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