Money Food Magic Dust Cheats Tiny Castle iPhone

In tiny castle game, you will be vying to hatch all kinds of fantasy creatures and rescue the land from the evil queen.
Here, you must also search through the fog and find various ruins and magical buildings in order to unlock even more magical creatures.

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When building your farms and find the magic well, you have to try a number of jobs for both of them so that you can collect food and magic dust.
Try to find short term and long term jobs including 5 minutes long job to get the amount of magic dust and food to be converted into coins.

If you want to play often and willing to earn food and magic dust as soon as possible you have to stick to the 30 second jobs.
If you want to earn more than enough magic dust and food try to stick to the long jobs, especially the 6 through 11 hour jobs.

You can also uproot the trees, rocks, and other obstacles early on in the game to get more rooms in this game
Use your coins for many buildings that you will have to build in order to complete quests.

Simply build a second or third Small Sky, Small Forest or even another Small Volcano and get them filled with creatures so that you can start collecting a lot of coins.

Remember not to build Small Gardens because they only gather a maximum of 200 coins, but the other three homes can earn you thousands of coins at a time maximum before you actually have to collect from them.

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