Money Funds Cheats Xcom Enemy Unknown on iPhone

In xcom enemy unknown game, you can cash by completing missions then you can use it to build the base and unlock new weapons
Here, you play as a secret multinational agency among your team that will ready to face down the devastating threat on incoming enemies.

xcom enemy unknown tips

Moreover, you will come across a variety of missions around the globe and take part in turn-based exploration and combat in order to uncover the danger at hand, and to get your victory as well.

In the way of playing this game, you will be tasked to build up your underground base, direct R and D, and try to scrounge money to keep the lights on so that you can direct your squads of operatives in the field against increasingly tough and bizarre alien threats.
Remember always make a right move in the base to make a good result in each mission

Once in a mission, you will carefully move your squad into position, and uncover the shadowed landscape where enemies frequently lurk.
Each your team member will have different capabilities in battle, so the positioning and approach to combat will be the main key to win each battle.

When a combat opens up, you will have to cycle through your soldiers and choose the right weapon for the job at hand
Meanwhile, simply move them into a more advantageous firing position to get them to safety, or you can coordinate a flanking maneuver to make the next turn count for a little more.

And you can also expand your base in between the mission so that you can improve your military capabilities, and embark on research projects using the artifacts you have found during gameplay.

After you completed the project, you will be rewarded with new equipment and abilities
Furthermore, you will also have new choices to manage the evolution of your own forces.

In any other way, you must survive your squad in the battles and grow in ability or you may be customizing them to look like friends or family.
The shield icons are necessarily needed as they denote whether or not your soldiers will have any cover from alien fire when they move.

Try zooming out and area to more likely spin the viewpoint by 90 degrees or set your cursor to a higher elevation.
You can send a sniper on top of a camper van as a lookout.
Then you can lay down suppressing fire, or do an attack that forces an enemy to exit cover.

When being in the missions, you will have to look after a sprawling underground ant farm of labs, factories, satellite uplinks, and military barracks.
Your missions will be to eradicate a cell of aliens, deactivate a time bomb, or escort a foreign diplomat to safety.

As being a commander, you can fire soldiers and hire a new rookie unit, manage your funds, engineer new gear, scramble fighter jets to take out UFOs, and command the science team to research any tech you found in the mission.

On the other side, you must create a fully operational base, research alien technologies, plan combat missions, and lead your soldiers in fierce battles against a terrifying alien invasion as you are last hope of the humanity.
In addition, you will take a role as a diplomat, as you juggle the demands of every member state in the XCOM project.

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