Money Gems Cheats in Mini Empires iPhone

In mini empires game, you can try to keep a free gem from the tutorial.
When the game ask you to use a gem to speed up the training of your first troop, do not even try spending a gem.

Mini Empires on iPhone

All you have to do is just wait for the time to run down until it will be done.
Just go to the world menu, and finish all of the battles on one particular world.

So every attempt to beat a world, you will get free gems as a bonus.
Try to accomplish certain missions that sometime pop up in order to get those free gems.

If you have been attached and stuck to do anything like activating the balloons and getting iron mill just go back out to the world view and attack them once at least then surrender after the first attach if it is necessary.
By doing so you will free up again to do anything that you want to control this game items.

Getting Amass vast riches, Wood and Iron resources is really important to build powerful military units
Try to control dozens of Air, Sea and Land units in turn-based combat

When being in a battle try to take out the opposing character with the most hit points first as his attack will be the strongest, so get rid of them quickly.
Try to make sure all of your characters are of equal strength in battle, rather than having one strong character and a bunch of weak ones.

To get free coins and xp in this game, you can follow these steps
Just click on the upper right icon on the game screen which lets you battle against other players.
Now only click on “visit” and you will earn 10 coins and 1 experience point without using any energy when visiting another player anytime.
Remember as the list will refresh every few minutes, so try visiting the other player over and over again until you level up.
Do that technique to get free energy as well.

Here, you will gain an experience level and you can gain an experience level without having any energy left over.
In order to refill free energy in this game, just follow these instructions
Just visit your neighbors or the people showing up on your battle screen over and over again.
Try to refresh the battle page every minute or more to have all new list of players in a battle appear.
Remember no to battle against them
All you have to do is just visit them all and you will get 10 coins and one experience point every time when doing so without having to use any energy.

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