Money Gold Cards Cheats Gang Lords on iPhone

In gang lords game, all you will do is to complete some quests to get more rare cards and loot for free
Here, you should team up with your friends to takeover districts and defeat rival gang members so that you will be able to collect cards and loot for your hero

gang lords tips

Moreover by completing each mission, you will be given money or gold cash to purchase some needed items and to customize your character
This game will allow you to recruit unique mobsters and a group of relentless gangsters then put your team on the map through your quest to rule the streets.

Before sending them on the street, you will also be allowed to pick your crew members carefully and make the best use of their unique combat abilities to deliver an attack on enemies on the street.

Along the way of the game, you will be tasked to build, level up, and train the best crew and utilize their unique combat abilities to swing the tide of battle in your favor

On the other side, you will have a chance of collecting cards and special reward items through some missions that you have accomplished throughout the game

Then you will also assemble the toughest gangsters and put them to fight to be the ultimate lord on the street in any other way.
By doing so, you will be able to recruit more gangsters and have more territory to run so that you will also collect more money as your gangsters will work for you to rule the street

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