Money Gold Cheats War of Nations on iPhone

In war of nations game, you must earn more money cash by completing each goal
Here, you are tasked to build a global military empire and to battle other players then to take over the world to become the most dominant nation

war of nations tips

Meanwhile, you will have to build bases, train military units, and deploy armies to expand your territory across the world.
In this phase, your goal is to blend strategy and to make a decision in the way of building solid armies to attack others base and making a power base to defend any incoming attack

So get involved in epic battles with other players and capture their bases to collect some more resources for your base.
As a commander, you will be in charge of sending armies across the world to capture and destroy your enemies in PvP online battle

In the coordinate strategic battles, you will have to fight over valuable resources, form alliances, and coordinate attacks with other players.
Once taking over the enemies base, you can mine for valuable resources to build an army while researching new technologies and hi-tech units

After having some more battles, you can level up powerful commanders to command your armies and establish army bases by training soldiers and harvesting resources.

Play with friends and form alliances with fellow players in an effort to attack enemy bases and achieve world dominance.
On the other side, each map of this game can handle up to 30,000 players, with newbie players being located on the edge of a circular map.

Once leveling up your character, collecting resources, extending your tech tree, building up your armies and taking over more locations, you will have to move towards the center of the map, where the best resources are found.

While being in the middle of the map, massive alliances of players will be constantly fighting for the upper hand and the best loot.
So you can use them in the correct manner in order to be acted like multipliers to boost your troops.

And you can fuse the same type of commander to make them stronger when playing into the card collection dynamic.
In addition, some of them will build up XP that you can use them in battle as well.

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