Money Gold Cheats in City Story Metro Halloween iPhone

Just follow this trick to get free gold coins in city story metro halloween game
Try to log in daily within every twenty four hours to get bonus coins.

City Story Metro Halloween Walkthrough

If you log in each day consecutively you will earn a larger coin bonus each day up to day four which is the maximum.
Try to collect rent from a building in order to get free gold coins as a reward for quest completion, and as a bonus when neighbors visit your city or your visit theirs.

Try to clean other peoples cities or sell some buildings to get coins
Just having over 100 friends helps will give you chance to get items then sell those for coins
Getting much wonders items will also give you a lot of coins for every twenty four hours.

Try to place community buildings in the lower levels until you build your city large enough to collect one millions of coins.
Try to start out with City Hall and unlock more buildings as you level up as this way will give a chance to gather coins for every eight hours.

Try to complete the goals to get large coin and XP star rewards in order to help you level up in the game much faster.
Visiting your neighbors city will give you a special daily reward of either five coins or one XP stars

To get city money cash quickly in this game, just follow these steps
Just start a contract 15 minutes or less
Go to settings and go to date and time
Turn off auto set time in order to set the time to fifteen minutes ahead
Get back to the game to collect the coins

In order to get city cash without paying real money is try to do a contract over and over until you complete either the key or all four keys as the different contracts give you a dollar for completing a key.

Start and finish contracts that is given free in the factories.
And claim money when people clean your city as the property will sparkle as you do so then tap on it to get free money as a bonus.

Try to sell the buildings or property to earn more cash flow right away
Always visit neighbors and collect money when people clean your city

Try to collect badges, earn keys by manufacturing and download games wait a while for money to come
Try to buy free city story valentine to get an award in 5 city cash
Try to get a gold badge or an even numbered contract mastery.

To increase your population cap in this game, just follow these instructions
Just build houses first and place them in your city.
You can try placing a smaller house until you can afford to raise your cap maximum.

Try to purchase and place community buildings or wonders in your city to increase your population maximum.
Try to to purchase and construct the buildings to obtain goods including greenhouses and factories in the first fifteen levels of the game.

Just use gold coins to purchase the contracts then wait for a while to earn a certain number of goods
Try to level up in the game to unlock more items in the market and get a reward to refill energy to its maximum level as well as coins or energy points may be added.

Get star xp points by collecting rent, buying and constructing a building or decorating item, or visiting your neighbors
Try to get wonders items to increase the population cap of your city.

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