Money Golden Ninja Cheats in Lego Ninjago The Final Battle iPhone

In lego ninjago the final battle game, you must try defeating enemies in plastic form to earn more money and items
Here, you can play as Lloyd, Jay, Cole, Zane or Kai to fight through a roster of plastic enemies.

Lego Ninjago The Final Battle

Try spinning on the spot with your sword out to make a great move to beat the enemies quickly
Jumping and slashing will be a good combos to set your moves to any direction
You will be leaping between platforms and slashing your foes to pieces in a far more traditional fashion.

Once making the progress, you will unlock a range of elemental weapons to help you disassemble attackers easily.
On the other side you will need these weapons if you want to survive all six worlds then unlock the Golden Ninja as your ultimate character with ultimate skills and abilities.

Unleash and use the incredible power of elemental weapons and blast enemies to save the day for the next
Spinjitsu your way through 6 iconic levels from the Lego Ninjago world performing a spin, slash, stomp and smash through wave upon wave of enemies

Try to make some nice super jumps and wall running to defy gravity and outwit your enemies
You can combine between your slick ninja skills and weapons to result some great combos in the battle against the enemies

After having through some battles in the missions you can activate all 4 elemental weapons to play as the golden ninja
So that just play well and try harder to become the all-powerful Spinjitsu Master sensei wu with specific skills and abilities

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