Money Lure Cheats in Ridiculous Fishing A Tale of Redemption iPhone

In ridiculous fishing a tale of redemption game, all you will do is to complete the main goal to collect as many fishes as possible to earn more free money in this game

Ridiculous Fishing A Tale of Redemption

Complete the main objective of the game that is to shoot as many fishes as you can when they fly so that you can make more money.
The more fishes you shoot the more cash you get to purchase upgrades to your line, the chainsaw lure, headwear, and arsenal of weapons.

While sitting comfortably in your polygon boat you will just tap the screen to drop the lure into the water. As the lure sinks, tilt your device to avoid avoid the myriad fish living down there so you can continue to dive into the deeper to get the rarer and more valuable the fish.

Now start to reel fish in when the lure touches a fish in which you tilt the device to run into fish to gather them as many as possible as the lure rises to the surface.

When the haul reaches the top of the water, the fish fly into the air so you have to pull out a gun and start shooting as many flying fish as you can.
Tap or drag the screen to blast them away but some fishes will fly higher than others, and some are tougher to obliterate.

Getting all fishes shot will earn more money cash and send you to the upgrades shop.
Through iap store you can purchase longer lines, better guns, unique tech pieces giving your lure a fighting chance.

Besides you will need to upgrade equipment in order to reach deeper parts of the water and to survive some of the more aggressive creatures and environments under the sea.

You will have some weapons with fire single bullets whereby you can tap the screen madly
But the others weapons are automatic in that you will just swipe around the screen to make it fire the fishes.
Using the chainsaw lure needs limited fuel, so you only want to use it when you are about to touch a fish.

It is based on your ability to send the lure deeper to catch more fish, or dispatch them easier.
So you can buy the chainsaw lure to plow through fish as you drive the lure down into deeper water so that it will make your scores go up.

You have to equip the light to illuminate the dark depths of the sea so that you can reach go further depths.
Equipping the shotgun will blast through a dozen flying fish easily.
Simply do the better strategy of luring fishes so that you will quickly earn money to keep upgrading your equipment.

When finding that jellyfish you have to avoid them because they cost you money.
Remember that some fishes are harder to kill than others
And if you find fishes that are not valuable enough, you can avoid them until you unlock a more powerful gun.

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