How to Earn Money to Buy New Weapons in Vendetta Online on iPhone

In vendetta online game, you will have to try completing every mission to get experience to lead into better flying licenses and access to have better ships, new weapons, and new equipment.

vendetta online walkthrough

Here, you can also trade goods or buy new weapons when visiting space stations while exploring the galaxy or simply grinding to snag upgrades for your ship.

As being the pilots of spaceships in a vast universe, you can interact with the other pilots spreading worldwide.
Furthermore you have to build your characters that you want to be in any direction while becoming rich captains of industry, military heroes, or outlaws amongst space community.

Switching off the Flight Assist mode will make you fly in one direction
Whilst flying with your ship, you can shoot from another to defeat faster enemies hot on your tail.

Moreover you can ask for help from the community, like having some mentor or asking back up during the battle against enemies.
There will be be Guilds to join, a stalwart community to chat with, and the chance to enter massive PvP events to met amongst other players around the globe.

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