Money Cheats in Monster Lord on iPhone

In monster lord game, you have to catch various monsters to join your army in which each monster gets his own special skill and different attributes growth curve.

Monster Lord

Some monsters are extremely strong, some get high intelligence so use your best strategy to win the battle and earn money and experience points.
Try to build the best monsters army to conquer the world to become the legendary “Monster Lord” and win the respect of people.

Try to grow your economy by cultivating the land, increasing the population and ensuring public order.
When developing your civilization, you will come into contact with better ideas monsters so you have to teach them a lesson.

Try to get gold and also valuable experience points when successfully winning a fight with them. So that you can purchase valuable equipment or upgrade your civilization which will help you in your quest.

Note that experience points will reach a certain level and cause your creatures to develop into tougher monsters which can deal and receive more damage.

In this game you will often lose gold and any experience points but sometimes living to fight another day is a better option.
So that going on quests and completing it to have highly rewarding compared to regular battles.
In your battles try taming opponent beasts and forcing them to join your ranks in order to find a suitably good monster with special abilities.

You have to hunt for 40 monsters to join your army when adventuring at 9 territories
Just use 40 unique skills to win the battle
You have to cast 26 different magic to destroy enemy
You have to discover 39 items to make your monsters stronger
Try to solve 27 quests to earn some rewards
You have to challenge other players in the Arena to earn rewards item

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