Where is Exit Path in Monument Valley for iPhone

In monument valley game, you will play as Ida, a silent princess trying to find the way out through some geometric towers or monuments with some available clues in each stage that are once built by men but now they are inhabited by crow people, totems, and other strange entities.

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Furthermore, this game presents seemingly impossible structures with staircases, doors, platforms, and other architectural elements that are either disconnected from each other or invisible.

All you will do in this game is to tap and swipe and you need to move or rotate specific parts of the game’s structures
You can move that structures such as towers floating in mid-air, walls, rooms, and cubes and you can also change perspective and create illusions that allow Ida or the crow people walking across the stages to follow a path so that you will come to reach the exit, press buttons, or walk into doors.

Structures in this game can elevate upon solid backgrounds or natural environments, taking you deep into dark rooms or floating across the sea as Ida attempts to find her way to the exit.

When coming to the first stage of this game, you will guide Ida to walk a few steps and the aforementioned path is not connected to anything.
At this phase, you must hold and rotate a wheel next to the path
And, a pillar changes its orientation, creating an optical illusion that allows Ida to walk over the path and reach the exit of the stage.

Later on, you will be brought to the next stages where you have to find visual clues to help you accomplish the goal, that is to find the exit door
You will often miss the parts such as cranks and wheels that you have to move in each stage.
So look for a different coloring and you will know which part is going to be moved by a nearby crank or wheel then just operate them to rotate a part of the world.

Meanwhile, you can try to use the circles so that you can rotate the whole object in the direction of the circles themselves.
Some of non interactive objects are fundamental in clearing a stage, like a doorway or a set of stairs, which are indicated by parallel lines drawn on the side of a wall.
Your job is to lead Ida so that you will definitely move along the stage.

When you come to corridors and paths, you will also find the next structure to move on
If you see a ledge, you can guide Ida to go there.
And if coming to a path going up or down, you can also lead Ida to go there as well.

In addition, paths will be another part of the visual clues in this game which will tell you where to go next and give you a way when you do not have any idea on how to move in the game.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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