How to Get Ammo to Complete Missions in Guardian Cross iPad

In guardian cross game, tap on Hunt which takes you to a smaller map of the Berneside Plains in order to hunt for new Guardians.
Then, you will merely choose which type of hunt you want to perform.

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You need 1 Hunting Ticket of The Normal Course to have a normal chance of finding regular Guardians and a slim chance at rare Guardians.
Spend 100 coins for Special Course to have a much greater chance at finding rare Guardians.
Simply move the scope area on the screen with one finger then tap the Shoot button in the bottom right corner with another.

Just keep shooting at the Guardian until you trap it in order to take many shots before being captured.
Pay attention in the blinking red arrow that shows on the scope reticle.
And try to move the scope in the direction of the arrow to find a Guardian.

Make sure only shoot at a Guardian as perfect as you can to save more ammo.
Have quickly shoot and capture Guardians with only one shot when a certain spot on a Guardian turns red.

Try that action this as much as possible to save ammunition.
Remember when the time is up, you will be forced to leave the hunting area with the Guardians so you can capture it.

Take a look at the Guardians menu in order to enhance them, reorganize your battle party and sell any unneeded Guardians.
Tips to enhance a Guardian in guardian cross game
Go to head into the appropriate menu
Just select the card you wish to enhance by swiping across your deck.
Tap on Combine to select the cards you wish to use and discard to enhance the Guardian.
Use the Slime card for enhancing that is fairly weak on its own but can make a good card even more powerful.

Steps to combine cards in guardian cross game
See an animation showing you the combining process
See also the new stats of the Guardian you just enhanced.

How to complete missions in guardian cross game
Access the mission area from the main World Map.
See a cave or other structure with the words NEXT above it.
Tap on that word to go to the dungeon where you can fight stray Guardians to complete the mission.
Always play a passive role in a battle where you can not actually manipulate the outcome of the battle actively.

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