Coins Goods Cheats in Pocket Minions on iPhone

In order to get free coins and goods in pocket minions game, just follow these steps

Pocket Minions on iPhone

Go to the time settings in your device
Set them one day ahead
Go back to the game
Now the minions will be hired and ready to go
Keep doing so to earn more minions,coins and goods as well

Build a series of towers
Put various minions in your castle
Just build more and more towers and more plots of land
Try slaying dragons
Manage your people.

Have minions produce coins and goods
Hire minions for a new room that you just built
If minions is unhappy try to send them into one of the entertainment facilities, such as the Jester’s club in order to become happy soon.

Build stairs in every room in your tower in order to make a path so that they can get back to their original room.
Try to get rid of the ghosts by collecting materials for awhile from your minions to build a mage’s quarters.

After you have built the mage quarters and recruit mages you will get rid of the ghosts.
Try to model future towers after the first tower except with better houses that earn you more money instead of serf’s quarters in order to ensure that you can continue getting all of the supplies that you need to build any floors and new rooms that you want to build for the future.

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