Gemstones Crowns Cheats in Kingdom Royale iPhone

In kingdom royale game, you can keep collecting from your resource buildings before they are full to get gain experience that is the same amount of experience whether they have 2 resources or 300 resources.

Kingdom Royale Cheats

There will be two types of rock paper scissors match ups in a battle determining whether you have an advantage or a disadvantage.
Humans are strong against elves.
Elves are strong against orcs.
Orcs are strong against humans.
Melee beats range, range beats magic and magic beats melee.

In that occasion you will have some of troop types that you can get including all three races and all three attacks so you can match your troops up for huge advantages in attack and defense

As simulation you try to match up a melee orc against a range human, such as a Meat Chopper or Barbarian against a Rifleman or a Hand Gunner to get proper attack and defense strategy.

After upgrading your human camp, elf camp and orc camp, try to send 3 of them and 2 of your level 2 troops into a tough battle.
As simulation let enemy attackers target and kill off the low level troops while your level-2 troops do all of the attacking, so that you still win the battle easily.
Try to to sell your training ground and build another Orc Camp, Elf Camp, Human Camp or a resource building, so you can actually put that space to use.

Get gold by building and upgrading one or more banks to earn more golds.
Get wood by building and upgrading one or more sawmills to earn more wood.

Get food by building and upgrading the farms in order to earn far more maximum food/wood/gold from it before it stops earning due to not being collected from, plus it will earn resources more quickly.
Get emeralds by building and upgrading an emerald mine to earn you more and more Emeralds, which are the most common form of gemstone.

Get The Sapphire, Amethyst, Diamond and Opal from the Mystery Tower every time that it is ready to be collected from. Every time that you collect from it, it will earn you over 100 of some random resource, usually the jewelry but sometimes food, wood, or gold.

Try to conquer a new territory in the world map area to be your colony and upgrade all of your colonies in the same manner in order to earn resources more quickly.

Remember as the cities that you can conquer turn into opal, amethyst, diamond and sapphire collection points, rendering it pointless to spend crowns on adding any of these mines to your city.

Try to win a battle to earn all of these resources as a bonus prize.
When a star pops up where the enemy used to be, get hurry to tap it as quickly as you can to earn as many bonus resources as possible as more resources will pop out if you often tap it.

Joining and completing quests will also earn you resources such as the different gemstones as a reward upon completion.
Fight battles and complete more quests in order to have a chance of collecting rare resources

Try to get free crowns when completing the more difficult quests relative to the stage of the game that is uniting 8 territories.
Tap the quests box and check on the rewards of all of your quests to see which of the ones give you crowns.

Try to regain and refill more energy quickly is from Energy Drinks as quest bonus and daily bonuses.
So tap on the plus sign next to your energy meter, and tap on any of the energy drinks which has a black number next to it in order to use it

Always try to complete quests and win in battles then collect from your resource or troop buildings.
To gain experience faster, fight in battles as often as possible and collect from your resource buildings as often as possible as well.
Always keep training new troops as they will also earn you experience points after you train them well.

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