Get Extra MP Crystals in Drakerider Chains Transcendent on iPhone

In drakerider chains transcendent game, you must join a small band of elite saviors called the dragaliers to rescue the world of Igraine from a horde of creatures collectively known as The Dread.

drakerider chains transcendent tips

In this game you will take a role as Aran Lawson who begins his journey as a Dread tracker before realizing his destiny.
During his journey, he will encounter some battles that are mostly automatic in which Eckhardt will be attacking or using an ability every time the action gauge refills.

And you can also switch abilities on or off for Eckhardt to use and slide the chain at the bottom of the screen in order to keep the dragon focused on the battle.

If you want Eckhardt to defend or heal, you simply swipe to the far left of the blue section or swipe three quarters right to unleash his heaviest attacks.
Thus try to control on moving into the red section or the furthest right will trigger Eckhardt’s berserk stance and he will proceed to attack Aran.

Once getting enough crystal in this game, you can purchase items and gear then customize your dragon and increase your abilities.
Moreover with Crystals you have got through the game, you can invest in new abilities and permanent stat increases which steadily unlock as you level up.

Remember, those crystals will be extremely needed when using abilities and the basic healing spell in battle.
In addition if you combine MP and currency into one number, Drakerider will create a unique sense of risk or reward when it comes to progression.

Once completing each battle, you have to make sure to clear one area before moving to the next level and you will often have to fight your way through a boss battle.
In this session, you will prepare yourself and swipe continuously to trigger different abilities.

When being in the battle, you can tighten or loosen your grip on the reins by sliding the chains at the bottom of the screen.
The gauge at the top of the screen will indicate the tension in that you can unleash powerful attacks and abilities for your dragon.

But remember to control over your dragon when trying to deliver more attack and abilities
And if you do not get to pull back the reins quickly, he will turn against you otherwise.

After getting your victory in the battle, always claim your CP, which can be used to learn abilities and powerful attacks.
Because of unlocking some abilities, you can close your path to others whereby you have to plan your step carefully and customize your dragon to prepare for the next stunt.

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