How to Get High Scores in NBA 2K14 for iPhone

When playing nba 2k14 game, you must create your team and go for match along with your strategy
Here, just tap instead of a hold while directing your player and try to make a nifty move then continue dribbling to make some good shots for high scores.

nba 2k14 tips

In the way of making high score, you can re-play events to achieve those scores then you can also unlock dependent games and move on to the next game available

To get your sole victory, you will have to go for each match with the other teams in which you will have to overcome some major obstacles to win championships and experience everything in this game.

In addition, this game features simplified dribble and shoot mechanics, as well as an all-new mode focused on “King” LeBron James called Path to Greatness.

Before beginning to polay this game, you will be introduced with two control options with a classic joystick and action buttons, alongside a one touch option for more casual gamers.
Furthermore, you will be brought to game modes where you will an option either to play in my career mode or play this game in multiplayer modes

In My Career mode, you will be allowed to create your own rookie and make a go at having an NBA career.
When starting out in the rookie game, you will get picked up by a team and work to establish a role within the context of your team and the league overall.
From that lines, you will have ticket to be like a nba superstar.

As to notice, there will be also multiple modes to take part in with quick games, online multiplayer, multiple season franchise, and a special Lebron James mode, as being the game cover of this year.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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