Coins Cash Cheats NBA General Manager 2014 for iPhone

When playing nba general manager 2014 game, you must accomplish tasks to earn extra money cash, the primary currency of this game.

nba general manager 2014 tips

Those currencies can be used as an access for acquiring free trades, and power-ups to bring your team and charge meter back to full strength.

As making some progresses throughout the game, you will be going after a particular superstar, whereby it will need cash to have the favorite nba stars.

For having more cash, just pace out your games as often as you can in which your assistant will usually provide side duties to earn extra money, such as signing new fans and specific challenges.

In order to build a player line-up, you will simply go under the Team tab at the bottom of the page and select Line-up.

Once getting there, you will see the starting five, with additional players at the bottom.
Now your job is to mix and match however you select, but you must have a couple of guards and forwards including an all-around center when creating the line up structure.
To make it easy, you simply hit the “Best 5-Man Unit” tab at the top for having the best overall team.

After creating the line up, you will also be tasked to choose plenty of free agents.
In line with this, go to the Home tab and select “Free Agents” then see all the ones available in the Forward, Guard and Center categories.
Moreover, having star like the Clippers’ Chris Paul will make your team a bit tougher.

Keeping your players healthy is the top priority before they go to the match
For such reasons, you have to make sure to visit the Training option located under the Team tab.

Once getting there, you can select players whom are having fatigue then make them rest to replenish their condition as fast as possible.

In order to get them in the fit condition quickly, you can spend coins to speed up the process, or wait about an hour for them to improve.
Doing that action will be the best to wait until they get back at full strength.

Every time you go for the match, you will take off approximately 15 energy points from a meter that appears on the top of the page.

Once that runs out, you will have to wait an hour or so until it replenishes before going to play the match again
In addition, you can spend your in-game coins or money to speed up the regenerating process.

And to play this game for more fun, you can invite and swap friend codes with other players that will turn them into fans.

Because of having so much fans, you will get the better your ranking that will come to level up your team quickly so that you can open up more options and better experience.

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