Diamond Cheats NBA Rush for iPhone

NBA Rush is a new endless runner game introducing real live NBA players where you can play with them
Here, you will run, duke, crossover and dunk your way to fighting back against alien, while collecting coins and diamonds throughout the game.

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Furthermore, with those coins, you can purchase new power up boosters in the store and you can also use them to have new players in the draft.

During your run, you are running through a stream of coins while jumping on a line of shredder aliens and getting a whole lot of points because of doing a lot of stunts.

At this point, they are sometimes different distances from each other, so you will have to swipe down to drop quickly out of the air then you can simply wait for your player to drop and hit them.

Once collecting enough coins, just save your coins for the draft as much as possible
And, if you load up on diamonds, go to the list of NBA players and spend those diamonds on specific NBA popular stars whereby every star has their own skills
Meanwhile, if you get the same star twice then that players’ stats double up.

On the other words, you can use your diamonds that you have collected to go towards getting some of the more celebrated NBA athletes.

Note that when you see a stream of coins following each other as you collect them all, all you have to do is to stay on the that path as you pick them up.

Then try running through a nice little stream of extra coins and you will not need to deal with any aliens dropping on your players.

In order to do slides and jumps, you can simply swipe from side to side when you are running.
By doing so, you can avoid obstacles and knock off shredder aliens from odd angles.

In line with this, just jump onto shredder aliens in order to get enough of a boost to land on top of a bus with coins on it.

When doing your actions, keep an eyes on picking up coins in that you can occasionally find a diamond in the middle of a stage, at the very end of a coin run.

Moreover, you will be able to find a 2X bonus that will rapidly increase the speed at which your score increases during your run.
Plus, try to look for the gold NBA logo as this will be your daily bonuses.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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