How to Get New Blades Swords in Rock Bandits Adventure Time iPhone

In rock bandits adventure time game, you will have to accomplish the main mission about 20 huge levels to earn money to unlock new blades
Here, you take a role as Finn and Jake who have an objective to rescue Marceline’s stolen fans in 4 kingdoms being forced to listen to a rock band, created by Lemongrab and managed by the Ice King.

Rock Bandits Adventure Time

So getting all fans rescued will earn you more reward including new sword that can be used to help you battle with other opponents in this game
Find one man’s junk or another man’s broadsword to collect random junk for the Blind Blacksmith then he will forge it into new blades and hilts.
Use Finn’s sword and Jake’s stretchy powers to slash, smash, and bash the bad guys while having a journey to find those fans.

Punch some respect into Ice King and his band of evil and win the battle against Tree Witch’s nasty nose, beat up Ash and his monster amp, then put the squeeze on the Lemongrabs
Follow their tour then battle your way through the Dark Forest, Lumpy Space, Bad Lands, and the Ice Kingdom.

Just swipe over Finn to the right or left to make him run in that direction, swipe again to dash through various blocks

Moreover you can swipe upwards to make him jump and swipe again while in the skies to make a double-jump
Then swipe down again to stump in the ground and swipe across your forehead to remove sweat from this much swiping.

You will have just to swipe whatever objects are trying to assault you, to cut through them so that you can move on to accomplish your mission in this game.

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