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Nimian Legends BrightRidge will focus on observation and interaction, and less of a focus on violence, and it comes with an impressive visual engine which keep you enraptured with an epic tale of good vs evil and you are encouraged to merely enjoy the great scenery during your exploration.
It is a solitary experience that offers some reflective moments for players willing to take part in.

Nimian Legends BrightRidge Guides

Along the game, you will be able to hunt animals, or observe them in their habitat using Spirit View.
In order to discover the history of BrightRidge, you should talk to locals and explore each area.
In the mean time, you can even change perspectives and fly as an eagle to see a greater area.

This game is focusing on its open world environment and the secrets locations
So, this game does just enough right to keep the rest of the game worth playing.

Playing this game is relatively simple as there is no experience or inventory system, in which combat is incredibly basic and completely optional
Meanwhile, supplementals like skills or magic are no where to be found in this game.

Moreover, the world in BrightRidge is large, full of variety, and it offers a lot of hidden locations that act as rewards for exploration.
The world is littered with animals that not only some life to the region but can also be used for additional exploration via the ability to SpiritView
At this point, this ability will let you see through the eyes of nearby animals.
You will explore a mountain-side and come across an abandoned tower in which wonder a forest and come across a small inn.

While objectives are completely optional, speaking with the denizens of BrightRidge will eventually lead you to some overarching exploration missions that offer some reward as well.
Sometimes, you will also gain the power of flight, which is pretty awesome.

This game will take a concept that you would take for granted like decent collision detection, running, jumping and decent camera movement.
On the other side, self-exploration is obviously the goal of the game, in which it would have been nice to have more of a hint system or some kind of system for motivating players to further explore.

In some ways, this game has the potential to be an excellent full-fledged action RPG, which also offers an exploration where you can experience as you run, swim, teleport and fly through gorgeous natural landscapes in a large 3d world, while unlocking new abilities and learning the legends and lore of BrightRidge as the main story of this game.

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