Jade Coins Cheats NinJump Rooftops for iPhone

Playing ninjump rooftops game will get you to run and jump on the roof while defeating any incoming enemies in which you will also be assigned to collect as much coins and Jade as well.

ninjump rooftops tips

Once collecting those currencies, you can purchase new costumes, power ups, and other items.
Besides, you can also buy more power-ups to help you run further and you will have quick response to collect as many coins as you can

Moreover, you can also hit the same enemy three times in a row like beating three ninja stars in a row.
Therefore, you will be able to ride them for a few hundred meters, destroying every enemy and collecting every coin that appears during the ride.

By using those power ups, you can maximize your coin collecting abilities during the run.
So just buy the multi coins power up to make red coins and a blue coins along the run.

Red coins are worth to appease
And blue ones are worth three piece.

Furthermore, upgrading magnet power up will come to have magnets appear more often during the stage.
In line with this, grabbing the magnet will make you automatically attract any coin that you run by for about 100 m.

Every time on your run, you will have three different quests to complete on the current stage.
In any stage, each quest that you complete will earn you 250 coins as a bonus as it is the way of making more coins throughout the game.

On the other side, if you pick up a Nindrop token in the middle of the stage, you can play the Nindrop game after you finish a stage

Just pick up these tokens when seeing them, as these tokens will lead you to collect more coins and Jade as well.

If you drop into the wooden box, a small reward will be given to you as bonus
However, if you drop into the silver or gold box, you will get larger reward.

All you have to do in this game is simply tap to jump between rooftops, and you also have a double jump ability where you will also play with the timing of your jumps in order to go as far as you can during each run.

According to this, you are able to hold the screen for a long time to make a high jump, or you can tap the screen quickly in order to barely jump at all as it will also be useful for hitting enemies.

When jumping across the rooftop, you will meet a unique combat system where you will jump on enemies to destroy them in that these enemies like shuriken-throwing ninjas, squirrels, blue birds, bees, and giant panda warriors that every of them will give you a unique animation for the boost.

Thus try to trump each one by timing your jumps to defeat three of the same enemy type in a row with their respective oncoming attacks then get a special power move related to that specific enemy.

If you destroy three of the same type of enemies in a row, you will get a special power-up to charge ahead 500 feet.

In addition, defeating three blue birds in a row, a giant blue bird will sweep in from behind you and lift your ninja up for a few meters

Doing so will automatically bypassing all jumps and destroying all enemies in your path and you can collect coins and jade at one time as well.

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