Gold Cheats No Limit Drag Racing on iPhone

No Limit Drag Racing is a surprisingly realistic drag racing simulator game in which it is a gaming ecosystem with full of clones and tap-tap affairs
On the other words, this game is the racing speed that is worth to play if you want to customize the game with details of gear ratios and suspension geometry.

no limit drag racing guides

Early on the game, preliminary race is the part that makes all the difference.
Here, you will merely hold the burnout button and smoke the tires for a few seconds
Doing so will be enough so that your tires get traction right at the beginning

But if you hold it for too long your tires will end up getting too slick.
Before going into the drag race, make sure you use the tire temperature gauge to check it in that you can try to finish in the green.

Furthermore, you will have been in a race track where the car with all four staging lights must be on
At the same time, you can hold the launch button to rev the car at the designated launch RPM.

And once seeing the light turns green, you have to go hurry to let it go.
Then you must shift in the yellow range, which is the optimum shifting range for your car.

Note that shifting too early will lose speed
And shifting late will bounce off of the rev limiter.

After winning some races, you will be rewarded with gold that you can use to customize your car
With gold, you can purchase the adjustable suspension, computer and transmission.

The gear ratios are arguably the simplest things to customize your car
Besides, the suspension and the computer settings are a little tougher as well.

For the suspension, you can google suspension setups for actual real-life dragsters
And, for the computer stuff, you will either have to wing it until you figure out what works, or buy a pre-set stage of tune
Also, you can either keep it as is or work off of that.
When being in the upgrade store, not all of the upgrades are available for either price or effectiveness to be equipped to your car.

To choose them wisely, you can look around all of them, especially for the weight reduction ones
On the other side, you can have cheap upgrades, like lightweight battery and driver diet, that will provide excellent results.

In addition, you must keep your car sufficiently repaired.
Meanwhile, having the engine and the tires down to 90% instead of 100% will make a huge difference in both your time and your trap speed, so just get your car repaired completely.

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