How to Get More Gold Coins Resources in Northern Tale HD Full iPhone

In northern tale hd full game, you can gather up some resources such as food, gold, and materials during in the mission
Here, you will play as the mighty Viking king Ragnar who is in journey to save his family and to restore his kingdom as it was.

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In the way of your journey, you will always be accompanied by your brave partners namely fearless Druid and cunning Exorcist to will help you face countless dangers along the game.

In the meantime, you will need some resources to be collected including food, gold, and materials that will be used to repair ruined bridges, restore buildings, and fix the roads

In the way of collecting these gold, you can be clearing away evil monsters in that those gold will also be used to pay druidic and exorcist Vikings.
You will meet and pick these resources along the road, and magical stumps will also provide for you after a set amount of time.
To have more supply of the good stuff, you can do restoring and upgrading farms, workshops, and gold mines as well.

Your mission is to travel with Ragnar and his two assistants who are a wise Druid and a powerful Exorcist to save three sorcerer-princesses.
Along the way your journey, you will revive the deceased lands and fight off the dark servants of the evil witch.

On the other side, you will also discover the world rich in mythology, where you can control three different characters and color the black and white world

And you will experience the story set in 3 season themed episodes with total 47 beautifully crafted levels, including 3 unlockable bonus levels.
In each level, you have to make good strategic plans to collect resources and spend them at the correct occasion for the mission.

As making progresses through the game, you will get prompted for the option to add more Vikings by upgrading your home base on each stage.
The more Vikings means the merrier in that the Vikings need to run back to home base after collecting resources.
After having some materials through your journey, just try thinking about how to spend your materials wisely.

You can do a lot of things with those materials
You can repair the farm and ensure a food supply, or you repair the druid’s tent and do something about your wolf problem as all you need is to make smart snap decisions

Otherwise, if you find yourself stuck without supplies, you may find yourself forced to wait while your resources slowly build up enough to let you perform your next task and with no hope of building them up again.
So think everything wisely then make a good choice to accomplish the missions

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