Combos Codes Cheats Oasis Path to Redemption iPhone

Oasis Path to Redemption is an action rpg runner, you will run along and take down one foe after another in which you will gain experience that you can use to acquire new skills, so that you can go for any progress even further.

oasis path to redemption tips

Meanwhile, the key to victory on this game is in memorization, and by leveling up your skill set
For such reasons, you will be able to progress even further with each new try until you ultimately reach so that the end at you can unlock a Mission Mode.

While running, you will be equipped with sword that you can swing it to take damage and take multiple hits to kill any incoming enemies
Besides, you will have to perform practical combo attack, as enemies are usually knocked back before a finishing blow can be dealt.
When they manage to knock you back as well, try to avoid their attack as fast as you can then run right into them again in short order.

You will be prompted to acquire skills in that you can gain the ability to block, jump, and perform a jumping slash when having combat with enemies.
The block works decently enough, and it is useful when enemies give you a chance to do little else.
On the other side, the jump can barely clear enemies, making it impractical, and the jump-slash knocks enemies back.

So try to gain new skills with stunt that you have been through along the game as this will give you advantage to level up your character
In addition, you will encounter several similar looking foes who move and attack in different ways, but they are difficult to distinguish until you actually engage them.

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