Blue Diamonds Cheats Oceanhorn for iPhone

In oceanhorn game, you must complete every side quest to get blue gems, where you will play as a brown-haired young boy with sword and shield who has to find his father, missing — hunting or hunted by the Oceanhorn, a living fortress and terrible mechanical beast in an island.

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During your journey, you will have the main duty that is to restore the kingdom of Arcadia whereby you will have to collect the sacred emblems of Earth, Ocean, and Sol and defeat the creature with the power of the gods with a legendary sword and shield

Moreover, you will also gather blue diamonds, in which it will bring you to raise your Adventurer level and net you cool bonuses such as inventory expansions and better stamina every time you reach a new tier.

Besides collecting blue diamonds, you will be assigned to gather red crystals called bloodstones by wailing on them with your sword until their reverberation grows faster.

In doing some quests, you will have to find four heart quarters to extend your life, or as being your stamina to do more actions.

You have to talk to people, follow clues, and just go sailing to loads of islands and chasing the three elemental powers and finishing side quests.

At that moment, you will meet enemies to beat up, riddles to solve, keys to find, and a boss monster to defeat and you will also find more items such as bombs and bows to let you solve puzzles.

Those puzzles are often quite shallow and unsatisfying that will test your knowledge but most of them bring you to go for shunting boxes, finding pressure plates, or hitting obvious switches.

When having side quest, you will go around exploring islands, looting treasure chests, fighting enemies, then conquering dungeons and killing enemies to get experience

In line with this, you will use the shield to stun enemies and when you come across foes that require special tactics to defeat them.

Note that enemies in this game such as Octorok, ChuChu, the goblins and undead skeletons will respawn so that you will have to struggle destroying them to get plenty of experience.

Every completion of the quest will level-up your hero and you can even earn new powers, and magical spells like the ability to spawn blocks, set things on fire, and freeze enemies in blocks of ice.

In addition, you can also pick up way more than pots such as stone blocks, rocks, barrels, lanterns, travel beds and name them, then hurl them at enemies for extra damage or break them for items.

Furthermore, you will get a lot of the same power-ups like bombs, a bow and arrows, jumping or dashing boots and some magic spells as well.

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