Cash Bucks Cheats Office Story for iPhone

In office story game, you can turn a small garage start-up into a large company.
Then, you will dive into the world of mobile development, where you will get access to the analogues of modern mobile platforms.

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Because of that, you have to take into account trends and popularity of platforms.
For playing this game in the long run, you need to assemble a team of motivated professionals, to create a comfortable environment for its employees, and to earn an impeccable reputation.

You will also get to accomplish every objective to earn you money which you must invest wisely for expanding your office in many countries.
Moreover, you can take into account trends and the popularity of platforms, and use it to create a social buzz in the market.

You will take control of a small start up company with the aim of making it a global success where the market state is dynamic and constantly changing.
You will also be allowed to make a name for your company.
To get your office grown, you should take strategic decisions, buy tables and table plants, hire and train people and fulfill what they want

On the other words, you have the ability to hire staff, train them up, kit out the office, and fulfill the wishes of the staff to keep them satisfied during in your company.

There will be 12 cities of the world that will challenge you to build international labor market with the rich set of goals and objectives
To make your office grow, you will have to move the company to new locations so that you will get something new and exciting to discover as each market has its own ethnic composition and professional level of employees.

Furthermore, you will be able to select from a number of choices that will either make or break a project while allowing you to try for a variety of different outcomes.

Once accomplishing every objective, you will be taken to a new city and country in which every location has its own labor market with its ethnic composition, professional level, and the cost of the employees.

On the other side, you will meet industry stars in some cities that will be your rivals.
Thus, to build a business of your dreams, you need to manage and expand every detail of your company
In addition, some countries will have a well versed employees whereby they are expensive and want a huge salary to compensate their hard work.

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