New Cars Cheats Offroad Legend Sahara iPhone

In offroad legend sahara game, just select the vehicle between the FireStar monster truck and FreezeCo ice cream truck based upon on the objective and track layout.

Offroad Legend Sahara

Try not to ride the brake or the accelerator when playing this game for the first time
You have to carefully build up enough speed to fly off ramps and do loops, then slam on the brake to avoid dangerous landmines and molten lava.

You have to maintain balance at all time in order to prevent your truck from tipping over.
Pressing the left button spins it counterclockwise, while the right makes it turn clockwise.
Once airborne, you have to press both to maintain a vehicle’s balance so that it will not land nose or rear first, which brings us to the next tip.

Remember when selecting vehicles as it is possible to lose wheels and explode, forcing you to restart the track.
Trucks take damage from slamming into a gate to landing awkwardly.

Always check the current state of your vehicle via the damage indicator in that this goes from 100 to zero on the bottom of the screen.
Try to rate offroad Legends Sahara on the App Store, or liking it on Facebook in order to unlock the FreezeCo ice cream truck.

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