Souls Coins Cheats OMG TD for iPhone

In oh my god tower defense yodo1 game, you can get free souls by watching promotional videos from the developer
Here, you will help Daedalus and the Greek gods to eliminate a horde of invading satyrs, cyclopses, minotaurs, and other odd creatures who are trying to take over Olympia.

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Once getting involved in this journey, you will need currency called souls that you can use to upgrade your gods and heroes to be the most powerful ones

In line with this circumstances, some souls can be gathered for free by watching every video containing advertisement related to some apps.
So if you want to earn them freely, you can click on the “free souls” tab in the top right corner of the map screen and you will be able to earn 150 souls for every video you watch.

If you run out of videos, just wait and check back in 10 to 15 minutes to allow more videos show up or you can go and play some old stages in order to earn more souls.

The common way to earn more souls is to play and earn as many stars as you can in some stages.
If you get more stars on a stage, you will also get more souls.

Challenge levels will earn you a significant number of souls if you can beat them at a time.
Therefore, unlocking a challenge stage will earn you three stars on the normal version of the same stage, then you can replay it and tab it over to challenge mode.
By doing so, you will still earn a bunch of souls.

Besides, always check for offerings on Mount Olympus that usually pop up once per day containing a semi-random number of souls.
So just turn on your push notifications in order to stay alert of these offerings.

Try to place your gods in areas where they will have the most attacking range like placing them right in between two paths.
At this point, when they are not actively attacking any enemies, have them aim at rocks, broken statues and other garbage
Doing so will give you an access to unlock more spaces, and even find more bonuses.

Moreover, with the help of heroes such as Hercules, as well as a host of other goodies, you will combat them and you can be solid with the gods on your side.

And you can try placing Hercules in an area where they can hold up opposing troops.
Use them to hold up big tanks, since little enemies will run too fast and your Hercules can only hold one enemy at a time back.

Put a new god down when enemies are passing by his spot for a major bonus effect.
According to this, put Zeus down right next to a crowd of enemies, as he will automatically stun every single one of them.
Then, place Ares with high-damage gods to take care of the big enemies.

Remember to always upgrade your gods and heroes after they got involved in tough battle in a stage
Doing some upgrades for them will increase each individual gods’ attack power and increase their range attack as well.

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