Double Stamina Cookies Cheats Pac Man Dash for iPhone

When playing pac man dash game, you must collect cookies while running higher along the track
Here, you must make Pac-Man run and set out to eat cookies and ghosts through over 70 challenges that will still need Stamina recovery to to complete each of them.

pac man dash tips

For such reasons, in order to get more cookies, you can replay previously completed missions and you may not worry about missing platforms as Pac-Man cannot die because Pac Man is invincible.

When going up the track, you will eventually land on something and Pac-Man will keep on running so just try to stay on the higher platforms all the time.
And the long distance that Pac-Man can run will determine how many cookies he will receive at the end of each level.

Once getting enough cookies, you can buy different items in the shop including characters with unique abilities that will help you make the game easier.
They are like Spinner Ice Pac that will let you triple jump and freeze ghosts and Cylindria that will help Pac-Man snag far-away enemies when doing his mission.

When a medal appears at the top right corner of the screen it means you have completed an objective.
To add precious seconds to the clock, you can eat as many ghosts as possible naturally in which these ghosts will also grow progressively quicker that make you jump to devour the trickier ones.
Meanwhile, try to get Pac-Man kept in the air for extended periods of time because it will quickly deplete the clock as well.

On the other side, accomplishing each mission will occasionally earn you Clear Bonuses from power-ups to cookies and having different characters for set periods of time or purchase them using cookies at reduced prices.
However, if you replay a mission you can never earn a clear bonus again.

You will receive 10 stamina right away but when those run out, you have to wait until at least one refills over time to play again.
Therefore, you must use them wisely when running and the game will inform you if you are prepared beforehand, that prevents you from wasting Stamina.

Note that you will have to select the correct item to complete missions in this game
Simply equip Dash if the objective involves dashing a set number of times.
Then use Cylindria for eating a lot of ghosts in some missions.
Thus try to go up, to get the ghosts, the special cookies fruits and power ups and better chances to keep going.
And if you are getting close to completing a mission, you can use a power-up to make it true.

In addition, this game will allow you to tap the icon looking like a wrench in the settings menu and select the one to change button placement that make you comfort to play as your style.
If you want to get more bonuses in this game, you must log in regularly every few hours

Just purchase all sorts of really useful items like power-ups such as Cylindria as soon as possible or Spiral that will allow Pac to double jump and collect ghosts from out of the screen in quick move.

By having those power ups, you will easily to accomplish missions where you need to eat many ghosts or run a long distance since eaten ghosts give you extra time.
Remember to avoid the magnet ones as they have limited area and will spend money as well.

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