Where to Find Lantern Hearts in Panda Pop for iPhone

In panda pop sgn game, you can try to make combo match up to rescue baby pandas trapped in colored bubbles.
You will further fling colored bubbles from the bottom of the screen, and when three or more match up, they disappear and drop any connected bubbles.

panda pop tips

Every popping normal bubbles will give you points, in which you will have to rescue the baby pandas trapped within some of the bubbles in each stage.
You can do this by simply matching three or more same-colored bubbles.

In the beginning, you will start each stage with a set number of colored bubbles and five lives that will recharge over time, or you can refill them once with cash.

In the way of getting points, you will just tap an area to throw a bubble.
When doing so you can also hold down to adjust your shot’s trajectory whereby if three or more same-colored bubbles connect, they will all disappear while rescuing a trapped panda in the bubble.

The bubbles consist of four colors or four elements with each colored bubble represents an element
Red is fire
Blue is water
Green is wood
Yellow is sun
And when you make a match, the relevant lantern is filled up a bit more.

In order to move on the next stage, you must free all the baby pandas in each level in that you will also be awarded bonus points according to how many bubbles Mama has left to throw.

Every level will assign you to match up bubbles
In line with this, four lanterns namely red, yellow, blue, and green will give you additional help you complete every challenge

So when you make a match with three or more colored bubbles, the corresponding lantern fills up a little more and you can activate a lantern if the lantern is getting full as it will help you clear a level.

Each lantern has a different power that can help you out of tough situations.
Red lanterns burn a section of bubbles.
Blue lanterns clear a column of bubbles.
Green lanterns grow roots
Yellow lanterns let you throw three bubbles at once.

Moreover, you will be allowed to combine four filled lanterns for extra-strength special moves so that you are be able to summon a dragon that clears a large section of the board.

Note that when using lanterns, try holding out for all of them to fill so you can use a combo attack while seeing the rate the lanterns fill at a time.

Having Tight Spots power-ups will help you out when you are in a really tight spot.
Rainbow bubbles power-ups will help you match with any color of bubble.

Using Trajectory Predictor power-up predicts where a bubble will go if you bank it off the wall.
Bubble Selector power-up will give you a preview of the next three bubbles in your queue and you can switch between them during the play.

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