Golddollars Cheats PanzerWars for iPhone

When playing panzerwars game, you can get gold-$ cash for free by watching promotional videos
Here, you will take over Europe beginning from one province to another.

panzerwars tips

To complete your goal, you can send your troops on a forced march in which they will reach their destination fifty percent faster during the journey.
In line with this, you have to get an overview of your provinces in the command center and you can send production orders to several provinces at once.

In the way of completing the goal, golddollar as the main currency of this game will be needed to go for further as well as unlocking new provinces to move forward
Because of this, you will also be tasked to gather as much as golddollar at all cost

In order to make some cash, you can simply watch the free short videos of the promotional app as this will earn you a few Gold-$ later on
On the other words, if you play the more games at once, you will earn golddollars for more so that it will also come to finish the game immediately.
For further, once collecting enough cash, yo can reveal every single troop on the map for five minutes with 2000 Golddollars.

Construct facilities and boost the economy to ensure your supplies as you are in charge for the economy and the military of the next Europe.
On the other side, recruiting an army of brave soldiers and mighty tanks will strengthen your province from the other enemies attack.
According to his matter, you have to build unconquerable bunker to protect your provinces and minimize the risk of enemy attacks.

Besides bunker, you must build your fortresses and your factories to as high of a level as possible soon after you take over your newest provinces as soon as you conquer them.

In related to this, try to avoid spending too many golddollars on speeding them up and concentrate on your upgrades to your older or central provinces on the factories, rather than the fortresses.

Moreover, by upgrading factories and fortress, you can train tanks and troops in quick time.
However, if you do not train fortresses you will take massive damage when you get attacked so set up the game first before launching attacks.

Always see where fortresses or factories are on the map then try to attack the provinces that are not fortified first, so that you can rack up provinces quickly.

This epic real time strategy game will allow you to compete with up to nine players or AI-opponents.
Alongside, you can ally yourself with others and fight on a gigantic map with more than one-hundred provinces then defeat their armies and conquer their cities for the power over Europe.

In addition, make sure to check the game in order to make moves like training troops and tanks, building factories and fortresses, and training your troops and your tanks.
Doing so will get you alert of any incoming enemies trying to take over your provinces.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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