How to Pass Level 1 to 20 in Hold Up iPhone

Strategy to complete all level 1-20 in hold up game
Hold Up Game Level 1 Solution
Simply tap the safe door to proceed to the next level
See the light green as the indicator to proceed

Hold Up Game

Hold Up Game Level 2 Answer
Tilt your device to the left
Wait until the red light turns green.
Tap it to open

Hold Up Game Level 3 Tips
Just slide to the right till seeing the whole painting.
Simply place the phone on the table with face up
Wait until the door opens.

Hold Up Game Level 4 Tricks
Go to tap the red button on the floor
Wait until all the red lights to the left turn green

Hold Up Game Level 5 Solution
Have your phone tilt so that each number is horizontal.
Start to tilt your phone to have number 1 horizontal and a green light will replace the first red light.
Keep doing that action with all the numbers, by tilting your phone.

Hold Up Game Level 6 Walkthrough
Just place both green balls on the red buttons
Tilt your phone to place them on the red buttons.

Hold Up Game Level 7 Cheat
Increase the volume twice then lower the volume 2 times
Press the volume buttons on the side of your phone to do so

Hold Up Game Level 8 Hints
Make all the three doors surrounding the main safe door in order to show green light.
After all is green just press the safe door to open.

Hold Up Game Level 9 Solution
There will be 5 lights and 5 rows of circles
Every row is being connected to one light
Top right and left circles are for the first light
The circles below are for the second and so on.
Press the buttons coinciding to the red lights at the same time to turn them into green within the correct order that is from left to right

Hold Up Game Level 10 Solution
Just click the colors respecting to the figure above the door.
The right colors are: blue, yellow, pink, green.

Hold Up Game Level 11 Solution
Press the red buttons to make the symbol above the door.
Press in the correct order that will be the left red button 3 times, the middle red button 1 time, the right red button 4 times.

Hold Up Game Level 12 Solution
Simply see the “Y” in the highlighted green
Then make the letter Y by pressing following steps
The first in the left one
Red button 4 times
The 2nd red button 3 times
The 3rd red button 2 times
The 4th red button 3 times
The 5th red button 4 times.

Hold Up Game Level 13 Solution
Keep shaking the phone until the TNT barrel explodes
Just wait to open the door.

Hold Up Game Level 14 Solution
Just press the following colors orderly from orange, green, blue and yellow

Hold Up Game Level 15 Solution
Look at some arrows facing different directions.
Just swipe on the phone screen in the directions to indicate the arrows.

Hold Up Game Level 16 Solution
Simply make all the dots light green.
Just press the middle button 3 times, then the right button 2 times to have all the dots light green

Hold Up Game Level 17 Solution
Carefully press that action at the same time
On the left that is top and 4th button.
On the right that is 2nd and last button.
Wait until the door light is green.

Hold Up Game Level 18 Solution
Tilt the phone to get the ball rolled on the red button
Simply press and hold all the green buttons at the same time.

Hold Up Game Level 19 Solution
Tap the safe door while looking at a sequence in which the buttons to the side will light up.
Remember that sequence
When the flashing stops, press the buttons in the same order.

Hold Up Game Level 20 Walkthrough
Press the red buttons like this orderly that will be from Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left to open the door.

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