How to Pass Subway Exits New York Level 1 to 16 on iPhone

Tips to complete subway exits new york level 1-16 game
Level 1 Subway Exits New York Walkthrough
Look at and find a Play word on the train
Simply tap that play word to open the door and proceed.

Subway Exits

Level 2 Subway Exits New York Walkthrough
Press the red button under the traffic lights
Try to keep pressing that traffic lights until the doors open.

Level 3 Subway Exits New York Walkthrough
Tilt the phone to the right to get the train arrived in station.
Keep holding the door in the spotlight wait for a green button appears later on
Just quickly tap that button to proceed to the next level.

Level 4 Subway Exits New York Walkthrough
See animals in random
Simply tap the animals orderly as indicated by the graph: Bull, Bull, Bear, Bull, Bea, Bull, Bear, Bear

Level 5 Subway Exits New York Walkthrough
Tap the first door to open
Tilt your phone device to the left to open the left part, then to the right to open the right part in order to open the second door.
Tap the third door and keep holding till it opens.
Shake the phone until a pass falls, then use it on the door to open.

Level 6 Subway Exits New York Walkthrough
Press the Chinese symbol to the left.
Now tap the one of the symbol as the symbol you have already pressed.
A stick will fall then pick it up and use it on the right symbol.

Level 7 Subway Exits New York Steps
Tap and hold your finger on the white dots on the screen
Now move in the maze without slipping out of it
Remember as you start on the left side and end at the green sign.

Level 8 Subway Exits New York Guides
Try to make the diamond tips point as the number one on the price tags indicates.
Make sure as they need to match the color as in the following example
The first diamond points at 5 oclock because the 1 on the green price tag is there
The second diamond points at the top, 12 oclock, because the 1 on the blue tag is up
Try to follow that sample to do the rest of matching the diamond color

Level 9 Subway Exits New York Walkthrough
Just follow the direction indicated by the arrows and swipe on the screen as they indicate.
Now move the pillar to the right and reveal a switch
Just tap the switch
Try to do the whole thing more to see what circles colors to select like in the following order
left is blue
top is yellow
right is red
bottom is green.

Level 10 Subway Exits New York Walkthrough
Just match the cards in pairs.
Simply tap cards to reveal them and match them.

Level 11 Subway Exits New York Walkthrough
Make the switches or signs or anything in the middle point as in the following directions
top left one points right
top right one points down
bottom left one points up
bottom right one points left.

Level 12 Subway Exits New York Answers
Tap the Emergency Toolbox in the lower left corner
Now take the tools inside emergency toolbox
Then tap the three broken panels.
Remember as there are some wires that are destroyed and follow this step to do so you must tap the wires and hold them all at the same time while keeping them pressed, touch the call button under the traffic lights.

Level 13 Subway Exits New York Solutions
Try to combine the colors from the left side with colors from the right side using the same order.
Now combine at the top left yellow with red while getting orange, middle top: blue and yellow while getting green etc.

Level 14 Subway Exits New York Tips
Move the pillar to the left to unlock one more light.
Just tap the lights from right to left and remember as the goal is to get all the lights on at the same time.
If all is in the right order the train will come.

Level 15 Subway Exits New York Cheats
Do the following number of bars on each column from left to right: 3 bars, 6 bars, 1 bar, 4 bars, 2 bars, 5 bars.
Simply touch the speaker in order to play the tune to get the train come in.

Level 16 Subway Exits New York Walkthrough
Simply see the three items in the upper part of the screen then drag down them to reveal some items.
Now turn the item to the left into clouds and rain
Then turn the right item into sun and the middle item into rainbow with colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet

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