Perks Point Cash Cheats Trenches 2 iOS

In trenches 2 game, all you will do is to collect more free perks point to improve your army
In line with this, you can get them by joining or logging in EA’s much-maligned digital storefront, Origin.

Trenches 2

By doing so you will earn points to improve your army’s attributes by completing campaign levels.
You can buy extra points from within the game’s store.

You have just to engage the enemy in more realistic, treacherous battlefields with all-new artillery and troops.

Afterward lead the troops through over 50 locations in a non-linear campaign that spans the European continent while customizing your army with more than 20 different units.

You have to survive in realistic battlefields with fighting through the “Fog of War”, as you steer troops while avoiding trenches, wire, tank traps and landmines.
Use the environment to flank the enemy and also to take cover.

Lead all-new military units and weapons to attack your enemies with flamethrowers, cluster bombs, rail guns, and the ultimate the tank.

Try dominating your opponents online in Deathmatch, King of the Trench and much more
Play solo in a variety of Skirmish modes

There will be a bunch of new unit types to utilize, including medics, spies, cavalry commanders, and tanks.
Use spies as your opponents unable to see them and they remain cloaked as they advance

You just swipe two fingers across the screen to march your squad into rival territory and then shoot your enemies in the back as the stages filling with more cover and obstacles including landmines to be avoided.

Always view each map before going to invasion as it is covered with destructible objects like sandbag walls, columns, and small buildings soldiers that can take shelter behind.

Try to defeat almost every level by setting up a solid defensible position then sending out a group of spies to insinuate themselves inside the enemy’s bunker.

make sure you guide your spies across the map as they will not be detected by the enemy unless you de-cloak them

Afterward you can shoot spawning enemies in the back they cannot grasp the concept of turning around and firing behind them.

In addition you can just build a bunch of tanks and then send them across the battlefield as your defense.
By doing all those instruction you can just march a unit across the map and rack up another victory.

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