How to Find More Clouds in Phantom Flower for iPhone

Phantom Flower game comes with indie-looking black and white graphics where you will have the main goal that is to stop the red raindrops from hitting the ground, and let the white raindrops continue to fall and grow the plants underneath.

phantom flower guides

This game will test your arcade reflexes in which you have to tap those red poison raindrops quickly away from the rare Phantom Flower
Thus, you have to try harder to protect the soil of any oncoming red rain
The main core of this game is to survive of any incoming the red rain and your score will be based on how long you can last in every stage.

In the way of achieving your main goal, you can use multiple fingers to tap around in Phantom Flower.
One tap creates one temporary cloud that last for a split second, and the cloud blocks the red raindrops, but it will not block the white raindrops.
Also, you can make the clouds appear at rapid fire, so you can do a carpet-bombing in a line to score a ton of points.

Your points score is determined by how many of the white raindrops fall, not how many overall red raindrops you block.
Anyway, the speeds of the falling drops can differ depending on the game
Oftentimes, your luck has a whole lot to do with your score on each particular round.

On the other side, there will be two different types of clouds that will sometimes appear to help you overcome red rain.
Small clouds or small white clouds are the stationery and sometimes appear which will absorb any red drop that hits them.

And the big ones are mobile which will also absorb any red drop that hits them.
Remember that when seeing them on the screen do not tap any of them, because tapping them will either move small cloud or remove big cloud.

You will really need them around to make the round easier and for earning more scores.
However, if you see red clouds, go to tap them hurry because if a red drop hits them, they will roll off, and they often drop red drops of their own.

For such reasons, go hurry to tap them in order to move them.
In the mean time, you must wait until they are either right over a white cloud in that the red drops fall into them or right next to white clouds in which they reflect red droplets from up above into the white clouds.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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