How to Unlock Power Ups Pile for iPhone

Playing pile tetris game will remind you of tetris game, where you will merely lay down and set a series of blocks appearing at the top of the screen into the right piles.

pile tips

Here, you have to align at least three colors of the blocks together, either in a row or a column, so that you can eliminate them from a playfield.
When doing all of your actions, you will be given with specific time so that you will have to be quick If you are running out of time when trying to clear the blocks, more rows of incoming blocks will build up and it will come to an end.

Because of this, you have to align your rows as quickly as possible while making a line up of three blocks of the same color horizontally or vertically will eliminate them from the playfield
Therefore, you should try to set them up that way the best you can.

Note that, any coordinating colors that align with the disappearing row or column will vanish as well, so just link them all together in one shot.
When starting this game for the first time, you will be given with a few seconds to move the four tiles at the top of the screen onto the playfield.

And you will have to work quickly or a random row of colors will appear from the bottom, cluttering the screen if you are running out of time.
So just double-tap them to swap the colors if you want them to match up at once.
In most tetris game, all you will do is to align rows or columns so that they will disappear subsequently.

According to this, you must set up colors first so that you know they will join up after you eliminate a certain row, which come to a combo as a result.
Doing so will reward you a score in which you will be able to free up room on the playfield for even more blocks.

In the middle of the game, X pieces will appear and your job is to clear them by putting together a bomb combo, which you can coordinate with one of the power-ups that appear on the top of the screen.

Using the bomb blocks will make the explosion clear out the playfield and give more room for incoming blocks, and make sure that one of the bombs is touching a group of X blocks to clear them all

After gathering a bunch of coins throughout the game, you can purchase power ups that are randomly littered at the top of the playfield.
In accordance with this, using the red ones will not a good idea because they will come to traps that can add more white X tiles to the playfield.

However, every red power-ups can be used with the right strategy in which you can wait to have bombs before you use the one called Elevator in the playfield

Except the red power ups, you can use the Multiplier, which doubles your score
Meanwhile, using the Nuke clears a huge amount of tiles off the playfield

In addition, you can detonate a complete row with the Dynamite power ups
Moreover, you can also take certain blocks away with the Eraser one, and using the Relax meter slows down time that will ease you to make combos.

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