Pills Stars Cheats in Sneezeman Escape From Planet Sneeze iPhone

In sneezeman game, you will simply jump on platforms while dealing with the bad guys by either avoiding them or jumping on them, and make it to the exit of the stage then collect more pills and stars to increase the score


You will get between zero stars and three stars for a level so that get the more stars to unlock the more levels and stages.
Thus collect more stars and get higher score in each stage of this game

In addition you must help Sneezeman run, jump, float, race and bash his way in each level to escape the clutches of the relentless sneeze cloud.
Besides try to help him collect the medicine pills in each route to keep him in control and avoid a major attack of the sneezes

All you have to do is getting the highest point in the stage that you can reach so that it will lead you find all of the stars, and all of the checkpoints, and to find the best bonuses such as the 1ups.
Just make a jump on all of the platforms instead of running along the bottom.

By collecting more power up you can launch into the air with super sneezes while also going through over 30 achievements in some stages
Try to maximize points by making a jump on all of the bad guys or collect the invincibility power up and run right through them rather than just avoiding them.

Meanwhile you can go to a stage where you know the locations of the 1-up power ups, then play it over and over to earn multiple 1ups so that you will also earn as many extra lives as possible.
By doing so you will beat a tough stage in a good way.
Note that can not jump on the spores so when you are riding in the car, make a good timing of your jumps exactly to avoid them.

Sneezeman will run across six massive World zones from the perils of the jungle, river, haunted, circus, mars, and urban
Help Sneezeman with all your skills to get his safety with any other way including racing in a vehicle, parachuting from skyscrapers or leaping across huge chasms

Moreover he will not only avoid the sneeze cloud, but also outwit multiple types of enemy including the deadly clutches of zombies, evil clowns, ghosts, rats, aliens, yeti’s, robots and an array of fiendish baddies.

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