How to Get Pips Azurites in Greedy Grub on iPhone

In greedy grub game, you can gather up Azurites for your need in the future by heading into the bank and spend Azurites wisely to buy some valuable items in this game.

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Moreover you can have more azurites, by building the bank on your land
In order to expand your land, just tap on the Eye Tree, then feed “Feed the Eye-Tree” with an Azurite and expand the land by using it.

Meanwhile, you can complete some quests to earn some items as bonus rewards as well
Try complete the quest of the critters that roam your land.
And when you complete a quest handed out by a neighbor, you will have the rewards automatically to be put in the inventory.

Your main goal is to help Greedy Grub to maintain the Forest’s energy by crafting, planting and harvesting fruit-producing trees of all shapes and sizes.
Once eating all of the apples, Mayor Apollo will place a seed on the ground so that you have to collect it to be placed in your inventory.

To grow seed for your forest, you will need water in which a well will appear on the land.
Then you must move the grub over to the well to collect water and when you have collected 10 waters, move to the Apple tree you just planted.
Afterward tap on the tree to grow it using the water.
As a result the apple tree will be fully grown so that apples will fall from it periodically for your grub to eat.

As making some progresses through the game, you will unlock the “Seed Shop,” which allows you to purchase seeds you can use on your land.
So just tap on any of the available seeds and purchase them then place them just like the seeds in your inventory.

Have a team with your wonderful Forest friends to complete missions and earn rewards like special items and stories.
In the way of your journey, Zada the Architect will arrive and offer advice on how to rebuild the forest and he will lend you a pickaxe to build the land.

On the other side, you will also need to place Zada’s architect office in order to begin making new buildings for the forest.
Because of having the architect office, you can begin building new buildings on your land.

Make sure to build the Bank first then go to the architect office and tap on the Bank to place the bank anywhere on the land.
By having a bank, you will earn a few Azurites that you can use to feed the tree and expand your land.

In addition, you can add some decorations to make your forest look a bit nicer
Try to place down the décor stand and find the blueprint in the architect’s office whereby it allows you to buy new décor items including a mailbox, torches, flowers and other things.
Make a friend with the Forest’s eccentric residents then add other players as friends

In order to get connected each other, you can visit their unique forest and send them personal messages or gift objects that you have got from completing quests or missions

During the game, you can collect over 500 different objects including animated ones to decorate your Forest and make your land unique among others
There will be over 40 different trees available to plant and harvest while crafting some unique of them at the Laboratory

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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