Toes Coins Cheats Pirate Legends TD for iPhone

When playing pirate legends td game, you will have to get toes, the main currency that you can use to get mystery chests

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This game is a new tower defense game, where you must use your pirate ship, build a number of different defense towers, and get all kinds of other weapons to shoot the enemy pirates that will be attacking and destroying your ship.

Gathering toes in this game is pretty simple in which if you get stuck on a stage, just go back to a stage that you have already beaten and play it again so that you can earn more toes.

Once collecting enough of those toes , you can buy mystery chests, which earn you anchors
Therefore, by having these anchors, you can use them for upgrades.
Playing stages on higher difficulty levels will also give you a chance of earning even more toes.

Moreover, progressing through the stages, getting on more levels as far as you can the playing them on easy mode will be your duties to be the most powerful pirates among others.

Playing in easy mode will allow you to get farther in that you can beat a stage for the first time to earn the maximum amount of possible toes for that stage especially for that difficulty one.

On the other side, if try beating a stage on hard mode, you will gather a massive load of toes as your rewards that will come to mystery chests.

Try to change where your flying aces are aimed so that it ill dealt with the maximum amount of damage.
In order to do so, you will simply tap the flying ace logo in the upper left corner of the screen, then tap where you want him to aim.

Afterward try to aim at one of the busiest corridors of the river, especially one where enemies get slowed down by river currents.

On the other way, you can build one or two oil rigs and use them to make a logjam then aim your flying ace right at the logjam area.
Try to use the gunners when you just need to fill space and replace them later on with towers that are more effective.

Cannon towers in this game will be your top priority towards the basis of your strategy
It is caused by they will do splash damage, and an upgraded cannon tower will shoot three cannonballs at the same time.

Voodoo towers will do damage to one single enemy and they also do heavy damage compared to the others.
Oil rigs will slow down the enemy as it is also effective when you have turtles and cannon towers nearby.

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