How to Unlock Power ups in Pizza Clickers for iPhone

In pizza clickers game, you simply tap pizza scattered the screen and get power ups for collecting extra golden pizza in the end of every stage

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As a result, with a bunch of pizza you have earned through the game, you will be able to use them to purchase power ups so that you will have a chance of gathering more pizza.

Most of the power ups that you have bought will give you a set amount of pizza every second.
And, those power ups can be used if you are playing this game

On the other words, during the game is active on your phone even the phone goes to sleep, you will still earn pizzas.

Furthermore, if you want to get unlimited pizza, you can turn off the autolock settings on your phone.
In line with this, just go to the settings, general, autolock, then shut off the autolock on your device.
Afterward, you can then you leave the app active while you will earn tons of extra pizza later on.

In the way of collecting more pizza, all you are going to do is to tap every single of pizza on the screen in which this action will continue to earn you as much pizza as possible.

Besides, purchasing the power click power up first and foremost will multiply the value of every tap that you do on the pizza show.
Remember to get at least two of the power clicks before you start purchasing any of the other power ups.

Keep an eye of every pizza on the screen as you must immediately tap a golden pizza fall down the screen.

When seeing that golden pizza, it will be very difficult to catch the golden pizza before it falls off the screen

For such reasons, you have to struggle to tap it right away whereby it will give you in a time of extra pizza as a reward.

Having the off-line production power up will give you ability to earn pizza even when the app is closed.
According to this, when you do more upgrades for the off-line production power up, you will earn more pizza even if you are in off-line mode
It is caused by you will only earn a percentage of what you would normally earn while the app is active.

In addition, you can probably use all your fingers when tapping pizza to earn picture as quickly as possible in which you can tap rhythmically to the beat of the song while playing this game.

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