Coins Crystals Cheats in Planet Wars Star Legend iPhone

Planet Wars Star Legend is an epic space multiplayer online real-time strategy or RTS game, where you must accomplish goals that are to build up your base, build up your four resources including Crystal, Steel, Oil and Energy that will be needed to reinforce your unit

planet wars star legend tips

Meanwhile, you will also have to train your army, complete quests throughout the galaxy and involve in battle then try to decimate other players and their bases as well.

Playing this game will prompt you to train all of your troops that can be done with oil
Therefore, you have to make sure that your oil stores are constantly as high as possible.

If you often go to battle at long period, you will need upgrade your oil buildings higher than your other buildings that will also support your mission in this game.
Moreover, you should have every slot in your armories filled so that you have new troops training while you battle.

When going to send in a troop, just send in the minimum amount of troops possible in order to win the battle, then send in the least powerful troops that you can get away with.

Afterward, you can send your most powerful troops, like the Meissner, as infrequently as you can get away with, so that you will save them for tougher battles and tougher bases in the future.

Landmines are the things that you have to consider when attacking another base
For such reasons, do not send in all of your troops at the same time in the same place
It is caused by if one of them hits a landmine, a huge number of them will blow up altogether.

In accordance with that line, you can send them in all around the perimeter to get closer in on a base
And if one hits a mine, the mine is gone automatically.
Or, you can send in one or two troops to test and explore any landmines around that base.

Adding more slots into your Camp in quick time will offer you a chance of having more options in battle in which you have also to think of your strategy as well.

In addition, try sending in your gun busters squad namely Ironhide, Steelhide and Copperhide first, and Meissner to blow up walls to get through the base.

After doing that action, you can send in the resource looters or just train and send in a ton of Meissners since they deliver the highest attack when heading enemies in each base.

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