Food Vaccine Coins Cheats Pocket Avenger for iPhone

In pocket avenger game, you simply jump in and shoot enemies that appear on the screen with any weapons.
Then, you will carry on more than one guns so that you can switch weapons anytime, and use the chainsaw optionally when you really need in the emergency situation.

pocket avenger tips

Then, you will have to time your jumps so that you can clear large gaps across platforms and try to land behind a zombie in order to get a chance to fire them smoothly.

Furthermore, you will have to time your jumps perfectly to avoid falling to your death in later levels.
To jump higher, you can hold down your finger on the screen any longer.

Equipping your character with a security guard outfit will give you 50 percent additional hit points
Meanwhile, a SWAT outfit provides stronger HP, and a Santa Claus outfit will be the best as well.
Wear the security guard and SWAT costumes to protect you well.

Use weapons like the gold Glock that gives you extra accuracy.
You can use The Machine Gun that has a higher firing rate and more ammunition as it will go through bullets quickly if you have an enemy that is on the run.

And, the gold MP5-3 doubles the original’s firepower
Then, and the Bow lets you shoot even the strongest enemies with deadly accuracy.
In order to get them most powerful, you have to upgrade your guns with a pre-set amount of coins as this will increase your bullet count and accuracy.

Besides weapons, armor helps you last longer against hits and enemy damage.
You can start with the Holster Vest, which gives you 20 additional health points and can be upgraded in values of 20 later on.

Wearing the Interceptor Armor will stop bullets and with three times the health value of the Holster Vest
And The Tactical Vest is thinner but a lot more resistant to damage is good too

For the best among others, you can use the Improved Tactical Vest which has a health value of 300 that you can use during the later missions if you can.

Anyway, you can use research items like the chainsaw, which you can upgrade to increase its lasting power and the Giant is a huge behemoth that crushes everyone in its path along the game.

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