Gold Coins Cheats Pocket Titans on iPhone

When playing pocket titans game, you will pick your hero to beat any enemy in the combat zone then to collect coins cash so that you can purchase new items with that coins.

pocket titans tips

Except gold coins, you will get loot additional items as well.
In this turn-based strategy battling, you will be allowed to select several different character types such as the Mage, Warrior, Healer, Ranger, Hunter, Warlock, Rogue and Paladin.

Then for later on, you can mix and match their roles in your party however you wish.
So that try using a warrior for up-close strikes, along with a good long-range shooter for a secondary assault when getting involved in the battlefield.

For having long range attacker, you can use Warlock, Paladin and Ranger as they will deliver fireballs, arrows and any similar action
Moreover, they can also deal with decent damage when they are right next to the enemy.
So position them at far away to attack any enemy in a decent targeting range.

On the other side, for having up-close attack, you can use Rogue and Warrior as they can strike more than one enemy at a time at close range
Furthermore, if they have decent weapons they will easily finish off weaker enemies in one go.

When battling with enemies, you can still select your battle parties and tactics on the battlefield.
With a new weapon available, your character will automatically equip it, and they will level up on their own as well.

For later on, all you have to do is just to slide rows or columns to line up your characters with your enemies in order to attack them
All these action will rely on the special qualities of your characters to take down your foes before they take you down.

As a result, every time you beat enemies, you will be granted with experience points, gold, and equipment.
And as you level up, your characters’ stats will increase then you will unlock a few more special attacks for the next missions.

Before going to the battlefield, you will have to choose the right characters in which they will have their own weapons and abilities such as ranged fireballs, diagonal arrow strikes, and area-of-effect sword skills.

Afterward, you can go for the combat in that every character you have chosen will do have a few different moves at their disposal then they can decide what they are going to do, and which targets they are going to attack, without you getting to choose.

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