How to Make Some Coins in Pogo Plumber iPhone

In pogo plumber game, you will travel as many worlds as possible as well as collecting as many coins as possible, and also unlocking all the items including some useful power ups.

pogo plumber tips

The first thing to do when playing this game is to master the Pogo stick and the jumps.
When you tap, your character jumps and his fall can be accelerated by tapping the screen again
However, when tapping screen once again, your character will also jump after landing

Therefore, it will be pretty confusing at first but once you get settled in and you master the jumps, you will be able to go very far.
Besides doing a great jump, maintain your height will be the main point as well
You have to stay as high as possible along the game so that you will get as far as possible.

If you cannot stay high, your risk is to hit a monster that you did not know was there.
So try to get the biggest possible height and stick to it for as long as possible.

Whenever, during your run, you will see a manhole, in which you must do your best to land on it, whereby it will take you to another world.
Furthermore, you will be exploring the worlds and getting as far as possible
Because of this, just make sure to make it your priority to find all the doorways to the new worlds.

During your run, you can collect power-ups.
At this point, having the magnet power up will be useful as it draws all the coins towards you
And using the “Super” power-up will make you invincible.

Meanwhile, having the high jump will make it more difficult to predict your jump and landings
Moreover, the fly power-up often sends you without warning straight into a monster so that it will make game over as you have no control over that.
The key is to stay away from these last power-ups for as long as possible.

Except getting power ups, purchasing some valuable items will be interesting as you can customize your character and dress him up as ridiculous as possible.
Thus, you can spend all your coins on the new items, after you upgrade the two power-ups that really matter in this game.

When you jump on a monster’s head, you will be able to start a combo move
According to this, if you can get more pogo in a row, you will make bigger combo so that you will go on the Leaderboards quickly.

For such reasons, you will have to try learning and finding the patterns when jumping along the way because all monsters come in such a way to allow combos and use them for your own advantage.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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